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IBM SurePOS 4852-566


Now more than ever, consumers are looking for differentiation when choosing their retailers. They expect a higher level of satisfaction—better service, better prices, better quality and convenience. Access to product information and fast, accurate transactions, performed by capable, informed employees are vital to a positive experience and help promote customer loyalty.
According to The IBM Institute for Business Value Study (IBM Global Services 2008),  A satisfying store experience helps create Advocates… consumers who have increased spending with their primary retailer by 31% over the last two years.
The 4852-E66 comes standard with a 15-inch Infrared Touchscreen. It also features a 2.2Ghz Intel Celeron Dual processor, 1Gb Memory (Max 4 Gb), 160Gb SATA Hard Drive preloaded with Windows Embedded for Point of Sale, and a 1 year IBM On-Site Warranty.
1.       Cutting edge, spill resistant, infrared touch-screen (Model 566 only)
2.       Tool free design with back access
3.       IBM Light-Path Management (Model 566 only)
4.       Biometric fingerprint reader (optional)
5.       Cooling tunnel technology
6.       Programmable magnetic stripe reader (MSR) (optional)
7.       Retail hardened design resists damage in harsh environments
8.       Audio speaker (Model 566 only)


- IBM SurePOS 4852-566

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