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IBM SurePOS 4852-545


Engineered for peak point-of-sale (POS) performance, the IBM SurePOS 500 Series delivers the style, serviceability and state-of-the-art technology retailers need to help optimize the customer experience in food service, hospitality, specialty and gas and convenience.
These sleek systems feature a clean look with elegant lines that adds visual appeal to any location, as well as a space-saving footprint. A simple, seamless design makes self-service fast and easy, which helps reduce on-site service calls and helps lower total cost of ownership. Systems management technology enables centralized control to increase efficiency and lower IT support costs.
The 4846-545 comes standard with a 15-inch Infrared Touchscreen, but is also available in a 12-inch or 17-inch screen via request.  It features a 2.53Ghz processor, 512Mb Memory (Max 2 GB), 80Gb SATA Hard Drive, and a Dual Bulb Active LCD
1.       Industry-standard wireless connectivity allows flexible, mobile placement, so you can locate systems virtually anywhere in your store
2.       2.53GHz Intel Celeron D processor helps deliver peak multimedia performance
3.       Cooling tunnel technology helps keep the processor cool and the circuit board clean
4.       IBM SureMark printers provide fast, quiet, two-color thermal printing
5.       Integration trays help create a clean, organized appearance
6.       LED message center displays system status
7.       Programmable magnetic stripe reader (MSR) accepts foil and resort cards
8.       Spill-resistant IR touchscreen available in 12″, 15″ or 17″ versions
9.       Quick service ports including Ethernet 10/100 LAN, RS-232 and standard and powered USB, help enable easy maintenance, provide industry-standard connectivity options and operate peripherals directly from the system unit without power bricks
10.    Compact alphanumeric (CANPOS) keyboard with pointing device helps save space
11.    Wall-mount helps provide placement in space-restricted areas
12.    Wide tilt range for viewing
13.    Second independent display delivers customer information and digital merchandising
14.    Virtually tool-free design makes it easier to perform self-service
15.    Serial ATA II hard disk drive DDR 2 memory (up to 2GB) and advanced dual independent video help improve performance and support emerging technologies and operating systems. Optional 4GB USB Modular Flash Drive.
16.    Remote display function enables positioning of display unit up to six feet away from system unit
- IBM SurePOS 4852-545

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