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IBM SurePOS 4851-514

The model 514 was designed to bring the advantages and sleek design of the very successful SurePOS 500 family (543 and 563). The model 514 has the same style and format but has been engineered for economy. Taking advantage of new technology cost savings and designing the entire system with customer costs in mind IBM has established a new benchmark for small and medium customers while incorporating those compelling features that have made the SurePOS 500 family of products a top selling Point of Sale in food service and hospitality world wide for the past five years.

The entire system design also has taken into account requirements for ease of service to allow for customers or technicians to easily upgrade or swap components.

The 4851-E14 is identical to the 514 except it comes preloaded with Windows Embedded for Point of Sale.


- IBM SurePOS 4851-514

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